White Papers

Downloadable Research Documents

The linked documents explore key strategies for various organizations when evaluating and using DTect products. Two of these research projects were funded by the US Department of Justice, for the purpose of evaluating Presumptive Drug Detection Technology (PDDT) developed by Mistral Security Incorporated (MSI) for which DTect is the Authorized Distributor.

Each white paper offers important and valuable information to understanding Trace Drug Detection.

Law Enforcement Documents

Case Law Research:
A review of Missouri appellate case law reveals that field tests are extremely important/helpful/useful for the following reasons to securing a conviction.


Marte Case Summary:
Drug Test results can support a search warrant to reveal more drugs (i.e., additional/greater charges)


Education Documents

Educational Environments Environments Research Program
How can PDDT benefit drug prevention efforts within educational environments? How can it be made a part of and support school drug prevention policies, programs, and processes?

150 schools in 51 school districts covering 25 states participated in this study.


Corrections, Probation and Parole Documents

Goal: Determine whether Presumptive Drug Detection Technology has a place in the field of community corrections.

Questions: Will this technology increase agencies’ success in identifying offenders and/or settings that have been exposed to drugs? Does the technology help to decrease the overall cost of drug testing (i.e., less use of urine analysis)? And what is the overall cost/effectiveness of using this product?

This Research project was extensive and included six (6) Community Corrections Settings; work release programs, probation and parole, and drug courts in three states.


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